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The New Normal – Rules of Engagement in the World of COVID19

It has been a little while since I wrote anything here on our blog, but it is definitely time to do it now!  On June 1st, we will be re-opening for regular services (and additional new services like COVID-19 Antibody testing) in both Santa Rosa and at our new(ish) Larkspur office.  I am going to announce much of what I am putting in writing in an InstaGram/FaceBook Live broadcast on Wednesday 5/20/2020 at 5:00 PM — that may be more fun than what I will drily type out now.

The Goal => Open for Business Without Spreading Disease

#1 Do NOT come to our office if you are sick, have recently been sick (<5 days ago), or have been around someone who is sick.

#2 If you have ANY symptoms that make you wonder if you are getting sick (head ache, body aches, malaise, itchy throat, nausea, weird rash, dry cough, loss of sense of smell/taste) do NOT come to our office.

#3 If you took Tylenol, or Ibuprofen, or Aleve, or any other remedy today, because you felt “something“, do NOT come to our office.

Do you get it?  Just don’t be a jerk.  Don’t make us, or anyone around you sick.  Stay home.

In addition to the simple rules stated above, we have the following protocol:

A. Call the office when you arrive in the parking lot and wait in your car for us to come get you and bring you inside to be seen. (Larkspur: 415-924-1330 Santa Rosa: 707-921-7447)

B. Wear your mask from your car into the office and into the exam room.  This is a county health department requirement.

C. We will collect payment in the exam room; you will go from the exam room directly out of the office, wearing your mask.

D. We will call you to schedule your follow up or next appointment; no need to linger in the office.

E. We care deeply about you, your health and wellness.  If you have any questions, call and speak with us.  If you need more information, or are not certain, we can also do virtual visits to assess your needs and current state of health. Looking forward to seeing you in person!

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