The M Word

Who Wins? The Angel or The Devil

We all have two voices, one of fear and one of love and they are both fighting for our attention. It’s the idea of an Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other shoulder. We’ve seen this played out in movies, TV shows and commercials, it’s a message we’ve been getting for most our lives. The one that wins is the one you decide to let win, sounds easy right? It can be, we always have a choice, the Angel or the Devil, the voice of Love or the voice of Fear.

What is the difference between the voices?

Fear is anything negative, the one that tells you it can’t be done, it’s too hard, you’ve tried everything it just doesn’t work for you, maybe other people but no way not you!! The one that complains, judges, belittles, is angry, is scared, is frustrated, is sad, heartbroken, stressed out. The voice that is not real.

Love is the one that soothes, is calm and is clear. The voice that tells you, you’ve got this, you can have the life you want, that you’re enough and everything really does works out. The one that, is joyful, positive, caring, safe, confident, knows you’re ok. The one that feels good, whole, healthy, complete. It’s the voice that is real.

It’s the good feelings and the bad feelings. If you feel good about a decision, a conversation or an interaction you are listening and responding from the voice of love. If you feel bad and upset about a conversation, a decision or an interaction you are listening and responding from the voice of fear which can keep you anchored in negativity.

I choose the voice of love, it doesn’t mean I don’t stumble, or get upset or find situations challenging or frustrating. It means that I choose the voice of love and every time I do it gets easier, clearer and life is more fun. I find myself in better and better situations, meeting nice people and having pleasant interactions. I found that yes, it is true, we are the creators of our world.

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