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Gratitude and Appreciation

We start each of our mornings at Morpheus with a “huddle” that’s is initiated by each of us sharing with the rest of the team something we are celebrating or for which we are feeling grateful. It’s a practice that was awkward when we started but has now become our routine. Sometimes we are celebrating big things – a new house, a partner’s new job, or a project’s completion – but often we are feeling grateful for the small things that make up our daily lives: a moment of personal connection, making it to work on time, or the deliciousness of hot coffee…
This may sound trivial, but it really is the repeated practice of pausing to note our appreciation and to express it out loud that helps us feel that positive emotion more. Whether it is a morning prayer for the the intentions of the day, a celebration of minor and loan or successes at your team huddle, or a joy/gratitude journal entry just before bed, there are a multitude of “life hacks” available to all of us. These small activities really truly increase our happiness, reduce our despair, and raise the vibrations of everyone around us! Try it! Teach others! Have fun and spread the love… Love is all that is real and is the absolute antidote to fear.
With so much gratitude for the amazing people in my life. Happy Thanksgiving!
– Dr. C

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