Victoria Schmitt

Victoria Schmitt, RN, NP

Victoria Schmitt

Victoria Schmitt, R.N., N.P. began her career as an R.N. at UCSF, where she worked in Kidney Transplant and the Intensive Care Nursery for over ten years. She attended graduate school at UCSF, where she obtained her Master of Science and Nurse Practitioner Certificate. Victoria worked for the Contra Costa Public Health Department after graduation and provided patient care at various clinics in the East Bay. She moved to Marin in 1999 and stayed home to raise her children for ten years before making her return to nursing, and has since developed a passion for the beauty and aesthetics industry.

“My patients really appreciate my honest and conservative approach and trust me to choose the best treatment plans to meet their individual needs. I am best known for my gentle bedside manner and light touch while delivering the desired outcomes that my patients are striving for”.

Vicki’s passions lie in hormone therapy, nutritional supplements, weight loss, and aesthetic treatments. She has spent the last four years, focusing more on the aesthetic side of anti-aging through laser treatments, injectable treatments, and customized skincare plans with patients.

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