Shannon Rooney

Shannon Rooney

I am passionate about assisting others in their pursuits of feeling whole, complete and ecstatic about living! I discovered my innate talent of coaching others to be their best over my 17 years working for Starbucks. Seeing the gifts and possibilities in others that they could not always see in themselves came naturally to me. My transition from District Manager at Starbucks to Business and Spiritual Life Coach started with coaching Dr. Chilcott on business management and staffing. Before long, the changes she began to make resulted in my transition to my current position as Director of Operations at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics. I continued and expanded my coaching role as we continued to expand and bring on new team members.

I thoroughly enjoy my role as Director of Operations and also know that I was born to be of service and contributing to others’ successes. Through the process of self-development and extensive holistic life coaching training, I discovered that caring for our inner being is what makes our external desires possible! I am grateful to be able to pass this knowledge on to others as they discover who they truly are and create the life of their dreams.

I am thrilled to announce that my coaching services are now available beyond just the staff here at Morpheus! It is an honor to provide spiritual and business life coaching within our menu of wellness options. So, what is Business & Spiritual Life Coaching? It is essentially a holistic approach that acknowledges your human existence in the context of all your life roles – employer/employee, parent/child, partner/single, human/soul – and creates a space for you to be and to achieve your own wholeness. I enjoy that coaching is not a painful or scary process; it’s about finding your inner purpose and matching that with your outer purpose. Having what you deeply desire is closer and more available to you than you may think. I look forward to helping you find what is possible for you.


“I work with clients who are ready to make positive changes in their lives, and that are committed to take healthy steps in that direction.”

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