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Women’s Intimate Wellness

CO2RE Intima is a fractional CO2 laser treatment used to treat urinary incontinence and genital symptoms of menopause. At Morpheus Medical Aesthetics, we are using this technology to improve clients’ quality of life—lessening urine leakage and increasing sexual health and satisfaction.

What’s “vaginal rejuvenation” got to do with it?

“Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation” is a non-specific term used to describe the treatment of genitourinary symptoms associated with childbearing, aging and hormonal changes. Although there is certainly some marketing and discussion in the popular literature about a cosmetic aspect of vaginal rejuvenation, that is not the focus of the Intima treatment at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics.

Why get treated with the Intima?

Historically, the subject of vaginal health and related conditions arising from childbirth, aging and menopause has been difficult for women to discuss and often considered “just part of life.” Treatment options for women with these issues have been limited to wearing pads, doing Kegel exercises, taking hormone replacement, and possibly surgery. The reason to be treated with the Intima is that without the danger of general anesthesia, or the hassle of applying nightly creams, or the risk of using hormones, one can laugh, cough, sneeze or even jump rope and still have dry underwear!  Furthermore, sex can be easier with more natural lubrication and real pleasure!

The reality is that urinary and genital symptoms can severely impact how we see ourselves, how we behave as romantic partners, and the activities in which we take part.  At Morpheus, we are focused on how we can help our clients feel good about all aspects of themselves, and, we believe that treating the most intimate aspect of ourselves is central to individual well-being.  If you are suffering from urge incontinence or painful, dry intercourse, call us for a consultation to see if the Intima may be appropriate for you.

How does the Intima Laser work?

The Intima is a nearly pain-free, non-surgical option performed in about fifteen minutes during an office visit—with no downtime after treatment. It is a fractional carbon dioxide laser used internally and externally to stimulate tissue growth and increased lubrication, leading to increased vaginal health and urinary control.

The treatment itself is conducted by the Intima wand being gently introduced into the vaginal canal and then the laser pulsed as the wand is rotated 360 degrees while the provider slowly withdraws in 1 centimeter increments.  This permits fractional ablation to be performed on the floor, walls and ceiling of the vaginal canal.  It thus improves tissue integrity, lubrication and pigment by heating tissue to the point of destruction, stimulating the regeneration of healthy tissue with as little harm to the surrounding area as possible. Thickening the front vaginal wall improves mechanical support to maintain a closed urethra (opening through which urine leaves the body) and is achieved by causing the collagen present in the tissue to contract, stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastic fibers.

When the provider has withdrawn the wand as far as the vaginal opening, she switches the hand piece to one that is used to laser the external skin. The laser energy is then used on the mucosal aspect of the introitus, and if specifically requested by the client, on the labia minora and majora. The Intima treats thinning and color changes of the external genital tissue by ablation (destruction of tissue) to prompt dermal remodeling, just as it does internally.

On that note, “vaginal rejuvenation” has also come to encompass elective treatments of the vagina and labia performed to address an individual’s aesthetic concerns about the appearance of their genitals. The Intima can change the appearance of the external genitals by increasing suppleness and lubrication, and reducing laxity in the tissue. Morpheus Medical Aesthetics believes every woman’s body is uniquely beautiful and is directing our Intima practice toward correcting pathologic changes rather than modifying appearance, but we are happy to address everyone’s concerns.

Does the Intima hurt either during or after?

While most patients report feeling very little or no discomfort during the internal treatment, the same process has the potential to cause tenderness when performed externally. For that reason, all clients will be pre-treated with numbing medication externally prior to the start of the treatment.

After the procedure the numbing medicine continues to cause the area to feel numb for about an hour or two (which is a peculiar sensation.)  When the numbing wears off, there may be some itchiness.  If the labia major has been treated, that area tends to be more uncomfortable than any other, but again it is remarkably easy to tolerate by using the post-treatment ointments that are dispensed as part of the procedure.

Are there any other effects that I should know about?

The laser treats lubrication deficiencies by liberating glycogen and acidic mucins from the top layer of the skin (epithelium) to restore a healthy vaginal pH. The pH of the vaginal mucosa becomes unhealthily alkaline in menopause, decreasing the bacteria called “lactobacilli” that would otherwise keep harmful species of bacteria at bay. The release of glycogen and acids quarantined in the epithelium thickens vaginal lining and increases the acidity of the mucosa. With the return to a healthier level of acidity, the growth of lactobacilli is rebalanced and the symptoms of dryness, itching and discomfort during urination as well as recurrent infections are alleviated.

For a summary of what to expect with an Intima treatment, click here.

Consultation Cost: $200

Individual Treatments: $1000

Three-Treatment Series: $2700 (a $300 savings!)

NOTE: A consultation is required before treatment and includes a complete physical exam. Breast cancer survivors receive a special discount; please call to inquire about pricing!

Please call Morpheus Medical Aesthetics with any questions or to schedule a consultation at our Santa Rosa location. We look forward to helping you achieve your personal health goals!

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