Submental fat – that pooch that often forms under the jawline to create the appearance of a double chin – can be just as bothersome as lines and wrinkles to many of us. The good news is you are no longer required to live with submental fat since there are effective ways to sculpt the lower face by eliminating the unwanted fat cells for good. Kybella® is an injectable treatment designed for this purpose and is available at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics.

What is Kybella® and How does it Work?

Kybella® is a minimally invasive treatment that can dissolve fat cells that enlarge underneath the jaw to create a double chin. When injected into this area, the active compound in Kybella® – deoxycholic acid – dissolves fat cells so the body can flush them out naturally as waste. The substance is found naturally in the body, breaking down fat and helping the body absorb it. When placed directly into the area under the chin, the medication destroys the fat cells so they can be flushed out over time.

The Kybella® injections result in a moderate inflammatory response in the underlying tissue, which can also cause the skin to retract and tighten. This side effect can help the skin become smoother and firmer over the new jaw contour for an enhanced result. Over time, you will see a more defined, firmer jawline that makes you love your facial profile once again.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Kybella® Treatment?

Kybella® is a good option for men and women of all ages that are bothered by a double chin. The medication tends to work best on those who still have good skin elasticity to ensure the skin conforms smoothly over the new contour. While Kybella® offers some tightening, it cannot reverse significant skin laxity. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or individuals with an active infection in the treatment area should not undergo Kybella® treatments. The procedure has only been approved to treat unwanted fat underneath the chin.

Note that while Kybella® is appropriate for most adults with submental fat, not everyone is an ideal candidate for this treatment. At Morpheus Medical Aesthetics, we are committed to ensuring you achieve an optimal outcome with us. Dr. Chilcott or one of our other experts will sit down with you for a personal consultation and assessment prior to consideration of this treatment. If another procedure might work better with you,

What to Expect During Treatment

Your Kybella® treatment will begin with an application of topical numbing to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. We will mark the injection sites in a grid-like pattern, so you achieve an even, natural result. Injections take no more than a few minutes to complete and you are usually out of our office within 30 minutes, including time for the numbing cream to take effect.


What to Expect After Treatment

While you can resume daily activities immediately following a Kybella® treatment, many patients decide to wait until the following day. There can be significant swelling and some soreness after the procedure, which can be alleviated through ice packs and over the counter pain medication. Side effects subside significantly within a day or two, although it can take a couple of weeks for swelling to go down completely.

It will take a bit of time to see the full results of your Kybella® treatment, as the body flushes out the treated cells gradually. You will start to notice a reduction in submental fat in the weeks following your procedure. It is helpful to have before photos to compare, as initial results can be somewhat subtle. It also requires a series of Kybella® treatments to achieve noticeable results.

Many patients experience visible results within just two treatment sessions. However, a series of up to six appointments, spaced about eight weeks apart, is generally required to obtain an optimal outcome. Our team will advise you on how many sessions might be the best for you, with treatment plans customized to the precise needs of each of our patients.

How Long Does Kybella® Last?

Once your full results become apparent, you can expect them to be long-lasting. The treated fat cells are eradicated from the body and cannot return. However, changes to the skin under the jawline will continue, which may necessitate additional treatments later to maintain a most aesthetically pleasing facial contour. Non-surgical skin tightening like Sublime or Profound might be an optimal choice for keeping a smoother, more defined jawline.

Say Goodbye to Submental Fat for Good

If you are ready to bid farewell to submental fat, Kybella® injections might be the right choice for you. This procedure offers long-lasting results without incisions or anesthesia. Now is an excellent time to give us a call at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics to find out if this procedure is the right option for you. Contact us at (707) 921-7447 for our location in Santa Rosa or (415) 924-1330 for our Larkspur location.

$600 per 2ml vial

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