Thinking about Botox®? This treatment is a popular choice for men and women throughout the Santa Rosa and Albany areas who want to achieve a natural, youthful look. The staff at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics are experts in Botox® treatments—we can answer all your questions and help put your concerns behind you.

What is Botox®, and how does it work?

Over time, facial muscles above and between the eyebrows repeatedly contract and tighten, causing wrinkles. But Botox® can reduce these fine lines and wrinkles by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscles, ultimately resulting in a reduction of muscle activity and temporarily preventing contraction of the muscles that cause frown lines. Treatments generally take just 10 to 20 minutes, although this can vary from person to person.

How long will a Botox® treatment last?

Depending upon the area(s) where it is used, Botox® treatments typically last three to four months. Most people who opt for Botox® treatments receive them at least three times a year.

What else can Botox® do?

Botox® can treat hyperhydrosis, cervical dystonia and provide migraine relief. Botox® has been used for more than a decade to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Botox® can also be injected into the masseter muscles that clench the jaw shut to reduce the discomfort of temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. Want to know more about what Botox® can treat? Ask us!

Before undergoing a Botox® injectable treatment, please read and follow these guidelines.

For important post-treatment guidelines following a Botox® injection, click here.

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