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Doctor’s Notebook

October 8th

It has now been three months and although “final results” are really seen at six months, I think I know what I am getting.  Basically, I LOVE it. I can honestly say that for the first time in fifty years, I am comfortable in my own body and like myself as I am.  Crazy.  Not that anyone should ever have to go through surgery to get to this place; and acknowledging that I have also been doing other personal introspective work; it feels really nice to be at ease as I sit at my desk in jeans.  (NO muffin top!!)


September 29th


I have hated my belly since I was 20.  Maybe it started before then, but I am certain of that insecure mid-college time period.  Granted I was a bit heavier then (~145 lbs) and have since slimmed down to a consistent 135-138 lbs, but I just want to have on the record that I have been unhappy with this part of my body for 30 years.  I can wax philosophical about the problems of self-loathing, but I am actually working on self-loving and so I want to instead focus on the positive.  (Grin)


August 31st

We are all so good at taking care of our faces, but our necks and hands give away our histories of sun exposure and birthdays.  For a couple of years now, we have been addressing necks with Sculptra, with fantastic results and occasionally using Radiesse in hands; but it is only recently that the FDA has given official approval for the use of Restylane Lyft in the hands to reduce the signs


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