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October 13, 2017 Update on Santa Rosa and Fires

Our community continues to stagger in the aftermath of the fires that have ravaged our area. 

Many of us have lost homes and all of our possessions and are in the midst of trying to sort out how to reorient, rebuild, and resume our lives.  All of us are affected in some way.  We at Morpheus want to be supportive of everyone and our need to return to “normalcy”.  Community and connection is so important to us, especially right now.

Although the power is on again at the office in Santa Rosa, we still do not have either telephone or internet service.  Many of you have called and left voicemail messages that we cannot retrieve.  We hope to be able to do so this weekend and will return calls as soon as possible.  Although our doors will be open again on Monday, October 16th, we will not be seeing clients for regular appointments until Wednesday, October 18th.

Our Ukiah and Albany offices remain open and operating during their usual hours.  That said, the Santa Rosa office has not been able to provide our usual backup phone support and so some calls may be going to voicemail.

For those of you with appointments to see Barbara, she will not be back into the office until November 7th.  Please contact her directly to reschedule your appointment by calling 707-953-3042 AFTER November 1st.  Barbara and her husband have found a rental in Sebastopol and are dealing with the myriad of details involved in re-establishing a home.

If you had an appointment that was missed because of the office closure, we will be calling and emailing you as soon as we have telephone and internet access.

Please continue to be safe as the weather conditions this weekend are unpredictable and the fires are not yet out.

With heartfelt compassion,

Marisha, Rosie and the Entire Morpheus Team

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