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Honored to be a speaker!

I have had the privilege to speak this week at the H.E.A.T. International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine in Thailand among dozens of other leaders in the field of pursing health, rather than only focusing on responding to sickness.  (I will write on another day about my frustration with our American system that in my opinion is not health care, but rather sick care.)

(L->R) Drs. Bailey, Chilcott, Ashley, Patana and Ginter

As many are aware, I have many passions, but helping people live fully and well is certainly a theme.  Aesthetics is one facet, perhaps the top corner in the total triangle, but the base corners have to be anchored in healthy wellness and spiritual discovery. Along these themes, I am always pursuing more information about the newest tools, technologies, and information available about health.  The most exciting thing that I have learned about at this conference is a blood test (being called a “liquid biopsy”) already available to screen for several common cancers well before we have any signs of disease.  As someone who just had my screening colonoscopy, I’m not going to hide that I could have used this info a few weeks ago!!

In the spiritual corner, one of the sessions that I enjoyed most was by Dr. Ushy Mahandas.  I particularly enjoyed how she provoked these super tightly-wound Thai and other Asian doctors into jumping around, dancing and laughing.  I am super thrilled to use this as a segue to give a pre-announcement that we will be expanding our services at Morpheus to include spiritual coaching by our own Shannon Rooney!  Stay tuned!!

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