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Hello Morpheus Medical Aesthetics Team and Fans –

I am writing this first entry to the blog on our new website with great anticipation and excitement as there are many fresh developments happening for us.   It is my expectation that this new website will be a source of information and educational material that our fans can check regularly for news, specials, and reliable health tips.  That puts the responsibility on me to write regularly and thoughtfully!

This spring has been full of growth and changes.  Earlier in March, we bid farewell to Josh who relocated to sunny Key West, Florida with his sweetheart.  We are so pleased to now introduce everyone to Cynthia Goff who has joined us and is taking the lead with Client Services and Systems Management – a fancy way of saying that she is helping us deliver awesome customer service every day!

This spring, we introduced a new technology to Morpheus – the UltraShape!  Read more about this fantastic service here!

This website is a manifestation of the efforts of several key people.   I want to especially acknowledge and thank our own Rachel Barber, the team at RAMP, led by Leah Hawk, and Jen Reed and Jeff Santolucito of the Syneron/Candela Laser crew for all of their collaboration and support.  I also want to acknowledge and thank Christine Guillory of Deluxe Modern Design for help with our logo.  Although the final manifestation is not exactly what she came up with, it is a reflection of her overall beautiful clean lines and artful taste. 

We love compliments but truly appreciate any comments or criticisms that help us do our jobs even better!  Please feel free to leave your thoughts here.  I will most certainly be reading them and taking actions.

Huge smiles and outstanding positive vibes…

Marisha Chilcott, MD

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