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Do not try this at home…

I have to admit that I am sort of giggling to myself, but mostly because I *kind of get* why she did it…  Yesterday a client came into the office, just dropped in without an appointment, hoping that we could help save her skin because in a misguided effort to give herself a “micro derm abrasion” and save a little money, she had used her pedi-callous tool on her face and neck!  Apparently this tool is some sort of spinning stone grinder that works fabulously well on the tough hard skin off the heel, but that’s NOT the kind of skin we have on our faces!  The poor thing!  She had given herself not a microdermabrasion but a derm ABRASION.  It had not hurt while she did it, and because she wanted it to be even, she had done pretty much all of her face and even parts of her neck…  Then the pain had started and in horror at her mistake she had driven straight to Morpheus to see if we could fix it.


This abrasion really constitutes a broad assault on her skin that just needs emollient and a little time to heal.  We coated her with some TNS Recovery Gel and TNS Dermal Repair Cream and gave her some Elta MD Laser Recovery Moisturizer.  Her skin will be fine and she wont do this again…  I love that she came straight to us at Morpheus Medical Aesthetics because she was sure we would help her.  I reassured her that hers was not the worst I’d ever seen (we had a client who accidentally applied furniture stripping acid to her face thinking it was a mask) and got permission to write about her experience to keep others from repeating it.  Since she was able to make lemonade out of the lemons by getting a little Botox/Dysport treatment, she didn’t get charged for the teasing or the skin repair care.  And, I let her know that this was NOT the way to save money.  Microdermabrasion costs only $75-$125 depending on how it is bundled!

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