The M Word

Beware! Health warnings from Dr. C!!

Did I get your attention?  I want to send us into the long weekend with a smile…  And some real words of encouragement that two of the best things to do for our health, longevity and beauty (i.e. vitality) is to spend time with people we love and to laugh with them.  When was the last time that you really laughed out loud, as opposed to just smiled and wrote “LOL”?  Well, this silly video cracked me up for no really good reason other than it defied gender expectations.  I don’t even know who this guy is… but I love that he “blends like he is angry at his face!”

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Who Wins? The Angel or The Devil

We all have two voices, one of fear and one of love and they are both fighting for our attention. It’s the idea of an Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other shoulder. We’ve seen this played out in movies, TV shows and commercials, it’s a message we’ve been getting for most…

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Life's Purpose

Ever Wonder What Your Life’s Purpose Is?

I hear this all the time, people wanting to find their purpose, that there has to be more to life than what they’ve been living. I used to struggle with this feeling of being stuck and dissatisfied with life.  I felt I needed to do something or be somebody to be fulfilled. On the surface…

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Gratitude and Appreciation We start each of our mornings at Morpheus with a “huddle” that’s is initiated by each of us sharing with the rest of the team something we are celebrating or for which we are feeling grateful. It’s a practice that was awkward when we started but has now become our routine. Sometimes…

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