The M Word

Beware! Health warnings from Dr. C!!

Did I get your attention?  I want to send us into the long weekend with a smile…  And some real words of encouragement that two of the best things to do for our health, longevity and beauty (i.e. vitality) is to spend time with people we love and to laugh with them.  When was the last time that you really laughed out loud, as opposed to just smiled and wrote “LOL”?  Well, this silly video cracked me up for no really good reason other than it defied gender expectations.  I don’t even know who this guy is… but I love that he “blends like he is angry at his face!”

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Wishing You All A Happy & HEALTHY New Year

A few months ago, I was telling friends and family that I would not get vaccinated on the first round of anti-Covid19 vaccination opportunities. Further, I recommended they wait too. I did not trust the rushed clinical trial process. Well, as I have said to all my staff, I reserve the right to make new…

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Retinols, Retin-A, and Tretinoin – OH MY!

To the untrained ear, all these words blend together and mean the same thing. I will admit that when I first started in this industry a decade ago, I pretended I knew the difference but was merely “faking it ’til I made it.” After years of working in and studying the skincare world, I want…

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#VOTE! It is a Privilege and a Responsibility

Truthfully I, like many people right now, feel exhausted by the anger and negativity of politics.  I will admit to keeping my head in the sand and avoiding the news.  But, I am DONE being an ostrich. I am writing this because I must use whatever voice I have to urge, encourage, cajole, and maybe…

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