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Are You Stuck in Limiting Beliefs?


Last summer I had someone tell me if I could overcome my limiting beliefs, I would go further and experience a more fulfilling life. I hilariously replied that I didn’t have any limiting beliefs. Oh boy was I mistaken, happily so because it’s been an incredible journey overcoming some of my own. So much so that I wanted to share what I’ve learned. .

What are limiting beliefs?  Anytime you are telling yourself something that you want to do but can’t, because of someone else or because of something that is  outside of yourself, and you believe this to be true. Here are some examples:

  • I have to wait until my children graduate
  • My parents are getting older they need me close to them
  • I need this job to pay the bills
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m a spouse, parent, employee, boss, friend, sibling and that would be selfish
  • I can’t hurt their feelings
  • They need me, they can’t make it without me, and they’d be all alone

We have mastered coming up with excuses that are so real to us that we can’t see it’s not the truth. Believe me I get the struggle, when I write out the examples, I almost believe them myself. I talk to many people that are so convincing with reasons why what they really want isn’t possible, and I’ve also been stuck myself. What we are really doing is keeping ourselves trapped in a fear story. We have patterns of making others responsible for us and we believe that we are responsible for others. We unknowingly use other people and situations as an excuse to not be courageous, to not take that leap of faith or to not follow our passions and dreams. We are choosing to not do these things and when we take full responsibility for these choices, we open ourselves up and we begin to explore the life that is available to us. I’m in no way saying don’t care for those you love. However, when you allow yourself to do what you truly want to do, you find solutions that benefit not only yourself, but others close to you as well, in ways you couldn’t imagine. It unfolds so beautifully, and best of all it is freeing.

There is so much fun and joy to be had, if we can just stop and recognize how we are limiting ourselves. Even in times of great struggle we can thrive and live an abundant life with purpose. Now more than ever we are able to take charge of our lives and discover what it is that would make us over the moon happy and satisfied.  We are not here to just get by!

Shannon Rooney Spiritual Life Coach


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