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Doctor’s Notebook

January 28th

This is a little briefing on what not to do at home with your pedicure tool!

December 3rd

One year ago today, my team gathered at 0900 and accomplished the amazing task of packing and moving our entire office in a single day.  Two sweet and generous clients (thank you!) spontaneously joined us and helped with the nuttiness of putting all of our belongings into boxes, bags and baskets, loading and un-loading the trucks, then unpacking and building new furniture in the new space. My boyfriend and Cindy's husband were incredible bringing their brawn and construction abilities to the scene by lifting and carrying furniture and putting up shelves.

February 22nd

Dear Yelp Executives and Decision Makers,

I am writing to you to complain about your policies regarding reviews that are posted by honest and legitimate clients as well as your inability to understand that the quality of service from a business such as mine is not intrinsically attached to its physical location (a paradigm that you need to really re-think).

Please be aware that this is an open letter that I am also posting on my blog at\notebook.


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