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Doctor’s Notebook

April 25th

What’s the deal with Dysport pricing and units?  It’s so confusing!?!?

April 2nd

After 24 years, it has finally happened...
While flying home from Mexico today they paged overhead for a physician to help with a sick passenger. I was able to help, and it felt so great.

December 21st

Platelet_Rich Plasma PRP and Platelet-Rich Fibrin PRF blog


I did Micro Needling with PRP 4 months ago and my skin looks better than ever! The procedure is totally natural, using my own growth factors has made my skin so smooth and bright! I received my treatments at another office (thank you Dr. Walter Tom!) in town to see if it was something I thought my clients would benefit from, and I have been completely convinced of that.  After my second treatment and very rapid recovery, I knew we had to offer this terrific service at Morpheus.



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